2022 18 Day Sendoff!

Here’s a photo of their sendoff from Sunday – Brains trip left a day early – and Monday! Below are the class descriptions. Stay tuned for a future post to learn more about what these trips did on their 18 days. Foundations of Creativity: This field trip unit course will focus on the “who”s, “how”s, and […]

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Welcome Back… to Snow!

Arthur Morgan School rarely has snow days where school is cancelled. Our boarding students walk down the hill “from the cove” no matter the weather and most of our day students live within walking distance. This year, however, Celo received about 9 inches on the same day that boarding students were returning from their long […]

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What is a Junior Boarding School?

middle schoolers learning about plants while on a nature talk

Boarding school can mean a lot of different things to different people.  Some think of tall, gothic buildings full of students in uniforms. Others think of robe clad teenagers brandishing wands and battling the forces of evil. The idea of boarding school is so widespread, and perhaps alluring, that many books, television shows and movies […]

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Is Middle School Scary?

the 2021-2022 AMS community sitting on the stairs smiling

I still vividly remember my first day of middle school. As the bright morning sun shone through the windows, I sat in a classroom amidst strangers.  I only recognized a couple of kids, but they sat several desks away, too far to talk to without attracting unwanted attention.  Instead I sat with my head down, […]

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Importance of Free Time for Students

students climbing on a bouldering wall

It’s a typical Monday morning at AMS. A group of students are riding skateboards on the school courtyard. Another group are climbing an apple tree and talking excitedly. One student sits on the grass reading to themselves while some other students play a board game at a picnic table. These students are not being rewarded. […]

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How to Survive Middle School Without a Phone

three middle schoolers smiling

Middle schools is a time for milestones. For many students, this will be the first time they need to change classes or use a locker combination. They will experience transitions in both their bodies and their interests. This awkward time often marks the end of their childhood friendships and the beginnings of ones that may stay with […]

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Welcome Back 2021

students walking through the garden

Even as a small child, I always found it confusing that school years start in the fall. Autumn is a time for winding down. Trees are ending their annual cycle, the garden is approaching its final harvest, the holidays and end of year is in sight.  Yet in the midst of all these endings, students, […]

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Activism in Appalachia Field Trip 2021

Every year during their 18 day field trips, the middle schoolers of Arthur Morgan School create a blog, documenting their trip. The students post pictures and write about what they did each day. They get to choose what moments they want to highlight and show off to their parents and friends at home.  The blog […]

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Real Talk on Student Led Conferences

middle schoolers looking at a portfolio

Student led conferences are quickly replacing parent teacher conferences as a way of communicating students’ academic progress. The idea is that students do most of the talking, informing their parents about their academic goals and how they think they are doing in each class.  Teachers find that student led conferences often lead to empowerment and students taking ownership over their […]

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