How Much Screen Time is Healthy for a Teenager?

middle schooler typing on a computer

It’s a Tuesday afternoon and the students of Arthur Morgan School are having free time. They are skateboarding on the slab, working in the pottery studio, or playing board games in the meeting room. It’s a very different scene from many other middle schools today because one activity is missing: none of these teenagers are […]

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A Middle School Model that Works

middle schoolers sitting on a couch

Even though Arthur Morgan School ends with ninth grade, the impact of those precious preceding years at AMS stays with alumni and their families for years to come. Many of our students make life-long friendships with their AMS peers.  They remember the lessons they took while in the garden or wood shop. Mostly they remember […]

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Where Do Students Go After They Leave AMS?

middle schooler throwing frisbee

One the most frequent questions parents ask about Arthur Morgan School is, “Where do students go after they leave AMS?” Parents want to know that our emphasis on experiential learning, hands-on classes, and limited use of technology will transfer successfully to high school. They want their adolescents to be prepared for the next step of […]

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How to Start a Mentoring Program at School

middle schoolers making emotional faces

Arthur Morgan School is in its final week of the year.  Students and staff are busy getting ready for graduation by cleaning, mowing, and weeding the campus. It is a time of celebration and excitement with lots of end of the year activities: a Tourists baseball game, tubing down the river, a mock prom.  Our […]

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What a Middle School Classroom Should Look Like

middle schoolers sitting in classroom

Teachers and students understand the importance of well laid out classroom.  The right environment will inspire creativity and a good work ethic.  It will help students feel ready to learn and a sense of ownership over their studies.  According to, there is a direct correlation between student behavior and the classroom set up. Students […]

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Why is Shop Class Important?

middle school student dissecting motor in shop class

Ruth and Rey were never that interested in auto mechanics.  Throughout their time at Arthur Morgan School, they focused on taking different classes. Having an artistic eye, Ruth leaned toward print making, pottery, or paper making. In these course she learned important scientific concepts while also expressing herself. Rey, on the other hand, had interests […]

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Why Should Teenagers Work?

teeagers raking a garden bed

Its a beautiful spring day and several young teenagers are helping me deconstruct a garden bed.  Lillian, an eighth grader, is shoveling dirt into a bucket that her classmate, Parker, then carries to a new plot.  On a nearby hillside,  a seventh grader and ninth grader are busy chopping down a mass of thorns and […]

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Teaching Blacksmithing to Middle Schoolers

middle schooler using a forge

When most people think about middle schoolers, the idea of putting them in a room with burning hot metal might seem crazy. Naturally clumsy and apt to distraction, these young adolescents don’t make the primary candidates for learning blacksmithing, a craft in which safety is a must.  However teaching blacksmithing to middle schoolers can be […]

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Why Life Skills are Important?

middle schoolers washing dishes

Recently there has been a lot of recognition of the unseen work of educators. Besides teaching math and science, they also fill the roles of counselors, nurses, and nutritionalists, just to name a few. School is increasingly becoming a place where students learn more than just academics. The reason why life skills are important lessons […]

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Why is Student Led Activism Important to Middle Schoolers?

middle schoolers and teacher smiling at march

If the March for Our Lives rally demonstrates anything, it’s that adolescents are eager to get involved. With estimates of over 200,000 attendees in D.C. alone and countless other demonstrations across the country, it’s apparent that teenagers are excited to voice their concerns about world events. Montessori describe 12-15 year olds as “…naturally drawn to causes […]

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Going Out! is Perfect for Montessori Approach

As a middle school that believes strongly in the Montessori approach, we love getting our students off campus.  Outdoor trips throughout the school year along with the 18 day field trips every spring provide our middle schoolers with natural and real world interactions. However while their away, our beautiful campus with its art studios, prepared […]

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