What Type of School is Right for my Child?

middle school students studying

“What school is right for my child?” It is a common question. I’ve watched friends grapple with this question for years, but never believed it would be a question my husband and I would be asking. We started our version of this discussion when our son was about to enter eighth grade and we realized […]

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Students Provide Water Filters to Puerto Rico and Learn a Lesson

middle school students meeting

The crisis in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria is a horrible tragedy. Many of us listening to the news stories feel helpless as people die and suffer without resources that many Americans take for granted. For middle schoolers this crisis is also a learning opportunity. It is a real life example of how geographic […]

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A Middle Schooler’s Dyslexia Success Story

middle school student reading

As former staff, my husband and I believe in Arthur Morgan School and all of the amazing ways that it supports kids. When we were there, we experienced first hand how the school helps middle schoolers grow and become confident young adults.  I wanted to provide that same experience for my kids and am grateful […]

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Internships as a Middle School Science Curriculum

middle school student and teacher looking at microscope

Creating a science curriculum for middle schoolers can be a challenging experience. Much of the material available to teachers is either directed at the elementary or high school levels. Teachers must often choose between childish activities that simply introduce a subject or thick heavy texts that go too heavily into nuanced concepts. Middle schoolers require […]

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Social and Emotional Learning through Outdoor Trips

middle schooler hiking

“Ahhhhh, George*, stop being such an idiot,” the rain soaked, 13 year old girl in front of me screamed as she threw down her heavy back. George halted, mumbling the last few words of the song he was singing loudly a second before. The rest of the group stopped mid-step. They stared at Stephanie and […]

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Why Is Middle School Important?

Students in a leaf pile.

This is the question two towns in Connecticut are asking themselves right now. Due to funding issues and low enrollment, the communities of Easton and Redding are deciding whether to close their middle schools. If they do, their fifth and sixth graders move to the elementary school while their seventh and eighth graders move to […]

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How to Build Success in a Middle School Wood Shop

student showing off tool box she built in a middle school wood shop

As anyone who has ever visited a middle school wood shop can attest, young adolescents are amazing at starting projects. At Arthur Morgan School, the current contents of project shelf include a half-finished jewelry box, five pieces of miscellaneous cut wood, a large, possibly abandoned sandbox, a small wall of glued-together dowels, and something that […]

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How to Teach Students Decision Making

Students making decisions

Lots of educators get excited about the concept of a student-run school. They picture an academic utopia in which students demonstrate both passion and responsibility for their education. The students would plan activities and classes. They would discuss school policies in small committee meetings and set up norms and rules that would be advantageous to […]

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Teaching Victorian Literature with a Tea Party

Victorian style tea party

When you think of teaching Victorian literature, you don’t normally think of middle schoolers. Charlotte Bronte and George Elliot can be challenging to most adults, never mind students who are still developing their reading comprehension skills. The sentences are complex; the descriptions dense. Even the subject matter seems irrelevant. Why should a middle schooler care […]

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How to Deal with Bullies in Middle School

depressed teen

I was bullied in middle school. It’s not a story I tell many people, but around 7th grade, I was at an all time low. I was being beat up relentlessly in my classes. Kids teased me about my clothes, the way I talked and how I walked.  I felt constantly watched and always seemed […]

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Why is Boarding School Good?

Student heading off to boarding school

This picture is the moment before my son and I left Asheville and headed for Arthur Morgan School a couple of weeks ago. It was another moment in my life where my heart broke wide open to make even more space for learning, growth, understanding, and gratitude. Asa has just begun his seventh grade year […]

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Settlers of AMS: Experiential Education at Work

    Arthur Morgan School is committed to offering its students experiential education. As a school, we offer a number of different art and craft spaces, as well as guided time in our garden and kitchen. By spending time in these areas, students gain skills for self-sufficiency and self-expression. At the same time, students form […]

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