2022 18 Day Sendoff!

Here’s a photo of their sendoff from Sunday – Brains trip left a day early – and Monday! Below are the class descriptions. Stay tuned for a future post to learn more about what these trips did on their 18 days. Foundations of Creativity: This field trip unit course will focus on the “who”s, “how”s, and […]

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What Type of School is Right for my Child?

middle school students studying

“What school is right for my child?” It is a common question. I’ve watched friends grapple with this question for years, but never believed it would be a question my husband and I would be asking. We started our version of this discussion when our son was about to enter eighth grade and we realized […]

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Connecting Social Studies and Science

middle schoolers and teachers in a class

At Arthur Morgan School, we believe heavily in Maria Montessori’s vision for education, we strive to make our classes interdisciplinary. In one math class, we integrated our study of linear relationships with the U.S.’s incarceration rates amongst different races. In another, students studied the planets of our solar system while they learned about scale. Many […]

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Teaching Students to Ask Questions Instead of Answering Them

two middle schoolers holding their chins whilepondering life's questions

Middle school sometimes gets a bad rap. Dealing with young adolescents’ unpredictable emotions and behaviors is hard. It makes us forget that middle school is also a lot of fun. Learning evolves into something bigger during this age. Instead of just memorizing multiplication tables or vocabulary terms, middle schoolers also want to ponder larger concepts. […]

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Making Middle School Relevant Through Self Reflection

middle schoolers playing with synthesizers

There is no question that field trips offer wonderful educational opportunities.  Being able to interact with professionals doing actual work allows students to see the real world applications of what they learn in the classroom. They become inspired and see actual evidence of what they can achieve if they work hard and apply themselves. A lot […]

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Teaching Scientific Literacy this Field Trip Unit

It’s crucial that adolescents feel safe in testing these “what ifs.” And it’s equally crucial for them to experience the scientific method. Ideally both in and out of the classroom. At Arthur Morgan School, this is a priority.

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