Young people love creating art. Middle school is time when learning to express oneself is important.  At Arthur Morgan School we understand this idea. Murals, drawings, glass work, quilts, tiles, forged items, and pottery, all made by students and staff, decorate the AMS campus. As students are guided by trained artists, they are able to discover creative outlets for self-expression that both inspire them and help them feel accomplished.

 art middle school

Studio Time

Our middle school art program offers a variety of visual arts and crafts spaces. Each studio is maintained by the students and staffed by trained artists. When students feel like the spaces are their own, they feel safe to be creative and let their personality emerge through self-expression. Our studios include:

  • ceramics
  • painting and drawing
  • block and screen printing
  • woodworking
  • dark-room photography
  • fiber arts
  • blacksmithing
  • stained glass
  • jewelry making
  • bookbinding

Morning Sing

At AMS, we begin each day by singing together. This time allows everyone to ease into the day and feel connected to our community as we bring our voices together in a shared experience. As active participants, students may practice their musical talents, either vocal or instrumental, while feeling comfortable in the anonymity of a large group. If they would like to pursue their musical talents further, they then have the option to pursue elective courses.


No middle school would be complete without some drama. Theater is an essential outlet for young people. Experimenting with different personalities and identities are important steps in realizing their sense of self.

Every year our middle schoolers put on a school-wide production. They are involved in every aspect of the play, from costume creation, to set design, to lighting and sound, to acting. The practical skills they learn along with the artistic expression helps fuel their imagination and gives them a taste of the drama experience.  Many of our students continue with theater into high school.


 students practicing a play

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