Welcome Back… to Snow!

Arthur Morgan School rarely has snow days where school is cancelled. Our boarding students walk down the hill “from the cove” no matter the weather and most of our day students live within walking distance. This year, however, Celo received about 9 inches on the same day that boarding students were returning from their long […]

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How to Survive Middle School Without a Phone

three middle schoolers smiling

Middle schools is a time for milestones. For many students, this will be the first time they need to change classes or use a locker combination. They will experience transitions in both their bodies and their interests. This awkward time often marks the end of their childhood friendships and the beginnings of ones that may stay with […]

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Topping Out the New Building

the new academic building

On October 10th, AMS will celebrate a milestone in our new building’s construction with a topping out ceremony. Just like the Scandinavian rituals of old, we will pay homage to the trees that went into the building’s frame and honor those whose hard work made our new classrooms and library a reality. Topping Out? Topping […]

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Why Should Teenagers Work?

two middle schoolers doing work with a wheelbarrow

As a consensus-run school, AMS practices, traditions and norms are heavily shaped by community dialogue.  One question recently mulled over during our All School Meeting was “Why Should Teenagers Work?”  And, from this lively discussion, we heard strong support for school traditions built around student labor.   Some of the most nourishing experiences of AMS life […]

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How to Make Your Students Feel Valued

middle schooler chopping wood

It’s a cold, crisp February morning. Frost on the grass is just starting to melt under the sun, but I can still see my breath when I exhale. The middle schooler next to me grunts as she awkwardly lifts the maul a foot above her head.  She hold its there for a moment trying to […]

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Addressing Climate Change Through Education

Two middle schoolers laying in the sun.

Two years ago while on an 18 days field trip to Florida, a group of our students visited a city council meeting . On the agenda was addressing the disappearing coastline. To some, a city council meeting might seem boring, but our students were fascinated. They watched the adults in the room talk about how […]

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