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Why AMS?

For over five decades AMS has provided life-changing learning experiences. Click on the topics below to check out how AMS helps middle schoolers explore the world around them and discover who they want to be.

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Learn how our students interact with the natural world
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Read how our academic program sets up students for success
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Take an in depth look at our 18 day field trips
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Find out how we make our students feel part of something bigger
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Discover the opportunities our students have in arts and music

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What families say
about our school:

Rupa Russe

AMS is the perfect experience to teach children how to 'root' within themselves and community. It provides both a soothing and a self-guided learning opportunity for every student blessed to attend.

‚ÄĒ Rupa Russe, Parent

Wendi Gratz

Going to AMS was a wonderful experience for our daughter. The school gave her so many ways to explore her creativity - writing, pottery, papermaking, bookbinding, carpentry - and even blacksmithing.

‚ÄĒ Wendi Gratz, Parent

Laura Kinsey

The wonderful staff at AMS met my child where they were and gave them the room to rediscover their love of learning. They formed strong relationships and flourished in the individualized, experiential, and developmentally respectful community.

‚ÄĒ Laura Kinsey, Parent

Rachel Carpenter

Each of my three kids had their unique educational needs met at AMS. It left them all well prepared academically and emotionally for the rest of their education.

‚ÄĒ Rachel Carpenter, Parent

Whitney Brasington

Our daughter went to AMS for 3 years. It was incredible to watch her confidence and abilities bloom. She learned a lot of practical and social skills, on top of getting a great education.

‚ÄĒ Whitney Brasington, Parent