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60 AMS Circle
Burnsville, NC 28714

Phone Numbers:
Main Office & Employment: (828) 675-4262
Finance & Development Offices: (828) 675-6360

General Information: info@arthurmorganschool.org

Prospective Student Inquiries: admissions@arthurmorganschool.org

Employment: hiring@arthurmorganschool.org

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AMS is located off highway NC-80 S outside of Burnsville, NC. We suggest using Google Maps or calling the school for directions.

From Asheville: Take exit 9 to Burnsville. Travel through Burnsville. Turn right at the sign for Micaville and Mount Mitchell. Turn left onto 7 Mile Ridge Road (at the Celo Inn). If you pass the Ten Thousand Things Food Co-op and Toe River Crafts Gallery on your right, you’ve just missed your turn. From 7 Mile Ridge Road, turn right onto Hannah Branch Road (gravel). Continue past Camp Celo until you see a giant yellow pencil and Arthur Morgan School sign. Turn left at the pencil sign and proceed past the new library building to a parking lot in the center of campus.

Campus Map

Things to Do/Places to Stay near AMS:

We are located in Celo, halfway between the town of Burnsville and the town of Spruce Pine. Feel free to browse their tourism sites:

Explore Burnsville

Discover Spruce Pine