2022 Reunion Decade Photos – Who’s – Who?? 

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1962-1972 – (l to r) John Morgan, Gib Barrus, Ben Reckendorf, Alex Koponen, Stephen Zunes, Monique Gore, Faith Morgan & Barb Barrus

1972-1981 – (l to r – Top Row) John Morgan, Jack Gabalski, Bob McGahey, David Ryan, Rebecca Ryan, R Alex Post, Lind Hart,  (l to r – Bottom Row) Joyce Johnson, Ben Reckendorf, Alex Koponen, Dottie Morgan & Barb Barrus

1982-1991 – (l to r – Top Row) BJ Decker, Jody Pred, Monrovia Van Hoose, (l to r – Bottom Row) Joyce Johnson, Lisa Swaim, Dottie Morgan & Cedar Johnson

1992-2011 – (l to r – Top Row) Andrew Kaluzynski, Samantha Hudgins, Wris Skanadore, Tal Galton, Alena Applerose, Isaac Galton, ( l to r – Bottom Row) Samuel Hellman, Rosemary Anderson, Tria Turrou, Joyce Johnson, Monrovia Van Hoose & Jess Ruegg

2002-2011 (l to r – Top Row) – Alex Boyd, Elizabeth Croce, Samantha Hudgins, Maxx Rosenthal, Tal Galton, Todd Kindberg, Alena Applerose, Isaac Galton, Jennifer Sword, Susan Larson, (l to r – Bottom Row) Madelyn Hagerman, Michael Schuldt, Joel O’Brien, Mark Moseley, Meghan Lundy-Jones, Lisa Schultz, Jess Ruegg & Ethan Rountree

2012-2022 (l to r – Top Row) – Adam Alexander, Jake Silver, Jo Gratz, Tal Galton, Natalie Monaghan, Eli North, Lucia Pearson (l to r – Bottom Row) – Bethany Rountree, Kathlene Stith, Owen Fowler, AJ Owens, Elora McMahan, Gil Brown & Ariana Wood



alumni hugging old teacher

Welcome home!  We’ve missed you. For over 55 years the AMS community has thrived due to the efforts of our alumni.  You are integral in passing down the history and culture of our community. We greatly appreciate your work in recruitment and development. Please keep us up-to-date with your information and help us keep you in the know about AMS’s current happenings.

Come join us for a meal!

Our alumni are always invited to come visit.  If you are in the area while school is in session, give us a call and join us for lunch.  We love for our students to hear your stories about when you were a part of the community.  Help keep our history alive!

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If you know of alumni who are ill or have passed away, please contact 828-675-6360 or e-mail kathlene@arthurmorganschool.org

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