Topping Out the New Building

the new academic building

On October 10th, AMS will celebrate a milestone in our new building’s construction with a topping out ceremony. Just like the Scandinavian rituals of old, we will pay homage to the trees that went into the building’s frame and honor those whose hard work made our new classrooms and library a reality. Topping Out? Topping […]

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How to Teach Students Decision Making

Students making decisions

Lots of educators get excited about the concept of a student-run school. They picture an academic utopia in which students demonstrate both passion and responsibility for their education. The students would plan activities and classes. They would discuss school policies in small committee meetings and set up norms and rules that would be advantageous to […]

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Helping Students Take Ownership of their Learning

middle schooler doing schoolwork

One of the biggest changes from elementary school to middle school is switching classes. Moving from math in one classroom to a different language arts class to a third history class, all with separate teachers, can be very disorienting. Students can begin to view school as just a sequence of different classes, each with its own […]

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Helping Students Find their Passion

middle schoolers posing on the sand

I’m really weird. I know it and I love it. People often ask me how I ended up like this: a bilingual southerner with a passion for cultural exchange, an arsenal of fun facts, and a growing list of bizarre, yet hilarious true stories. My answer is always this: I wasn’t really not born in […]

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Building During a Pandemic?

middle schoolers and their teacher in an outdoor classroom

Each morning a chorus of voices sings out on the courtyard slab. For the moment, the repetitive clack of the nail gun is silenced and the saws stop spinning. Everything is silent, except for the melodious (and maybe slightly off key) voices of our students and staff. When Morning Sing ends, the noises will resume.  […]

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Settlers of AMS: A True Example of Experiential Education

a middle schooler working in the forge

Its no secret that most middle schoolers crave experiential education. Instead of sitting in a classroom, many of them would rather get their hands dirty experimenting first hand and learning new skills.  At Arthur Morgan School, we embrace these active desires and put them to good use. We offer a number of different art and craft […]

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Managing Student Behavior with a Student Contract

Teacher helping two middle schoolers

Managing student behavior can be a challenging task, especially with middle schoolers. They like to argue and talk back. They like to disrupt class and draw attention to themselves. Some of them recently discovered the power of sarcasm and enjoy using it, a lot. As young adolescents discover their autonomy and figure out who they […]

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How to Teach Social Distancing to Students

middle schoolers playing a game with a staff member while social distancing

Normally at Arthur Morgan School, we start the year with a three day hiking trip. Students break up into smaller groups and make friends while accomplishing a challenge together.  The trips offer a great opportunity for students to feel accomplished while also easing their anxieties about starting the new school year. This year, however, we […]

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How to Support Beginning Teachers

AMS staff members sitting in a workshop

Last week, Arthur Morgan School welcomed eight new staff members into our community. Some of them are artists. Others are gardeners. Some of them have backgrounds in education. For others, AMS will be their first time teaching. We are excited for the variety of talents and experiences each of them will bring and we look […]

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Prepping School for Social Distancing

a middle schooler on the new AMS back porch

When students leave for the summer, AMS staff still have plenty of work to do. We harvest and preserve vegetables from the farm. We clean and repair our numerous academic and art spaces. And we maintain our grounds keeping them a welcoming space for Celo Community to enjoy throughout the school’s downtime. This year we […]

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