“Storytelling Quicksand:” Engaging Students in Graphic Novels and Comics

For young people reading is especially important and powerful. In Family Education’s article The Benefits of Reading as a Teen, reading is shown to have a direct impact on a young person’s success. In addition to boosting vocabulary and clear educational benefits, reading expands horizons. It is particularly crucial for adolescents to see mirrors and windows […]

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Rebel with a Cause: Supporting Students’ Need to Break Rules

At The Arthur Morgan School, we understand students will try their hands at rebellion, and because of this, we have structures to ensure these forays into defiance are safe. This is where our traditions of Sneak Outs and Raids come in.

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Teaching LGBTQ+ History

pride flag

This year one of Arthur Morgan School’s 18 day field trips is teaching LGBTQ+ history.  The trip plans to travel up the the east coast, visiting lawmakers, activist groups, and schools involved in the LGBTQ+ movement. They will also visit the Stonewall National Monument and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  Through these experiences, students […]

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Making Math Relevant: Black Lives Matter at School Week

middle school students doing math

Up until middle school, students understand how math is relevant. Combining numbers, multiplying fractions or calculating the area of a shape are skills that students understand will help them make sense of the real world. But walk into most middle school algebra classes, and you will invariably hear the question, “When am I ever going to […]

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Teaching Scientific Literacy this Field Trip Unit

It’s crucial that adolescents feel safe in testing these “what ifs.” And it’s equally crucial for them to experience the scientific method. Ideally both in and out of the classroom. At Arthur Morgan School, this is a priority.

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Why Life Skills are Important?

middle schoolers washing dishes

Recently there has been a lot of recognition of the unseen work of educators. Besides teaching math and science, they also fill the roles of counselors, nurses, and nutritionalists, just to name a few. School is increasingly becoming a place where students learn more than just academics. The reason why life skills are important lessons […]

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Teaching Middle Schoolers about MLK

Mandy Carter talking to students

Since Arthur Morgan School is a boarding school, our schedule works a little different.  While most students stay home on Martin Luther King Jr. day, our students already live on campus. We don’t feel it makes sense to celebrate King’s life and work by being apart in a our separate boarding houses. Instead, we come […]

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What is the Right Age for Boarding School?

middle school boy and girl smiling

When people first hear about Arthur Morgan School, they often ask, “Who goes to AMS?” For many, boarding school can bring up some pretty negative images.  They question why parents would choose to send their middle schoolers away. They speculate that some sort of behavior problem must exist. Their worries make sense. Military schools, wilderness […]

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Letter from the Clerk (An Ode to Compost)

compost bucket

In middle school, compost gets a bad rap. True, most middle schoolers probably never think about compost, but the ones at Arthur Morgan School definitely do. Every day at chores they take our food scraps to the chickens and compost bins. It’s not the least popular chore (that would be pre-wash), but it isn’t the […]

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The Craft of Building Community

middle schooler using a band saw to make a gift

Building community is always hard work.  Sometimes it’s emotional work in which people need clearnesses to mediate their disagreements. Other times it’s intellectual work as staff and students try to create classes and schedules that fit everyone’s needs. Sometimes though, it’s just fun, artistic work.  It’s the holiday season.  People everywhere are buying gifts and […]

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