Is Middle School Scary?

the 2021-2022 AMS community sitting on the stairs smiling

I still vividly remember my first day of middle school. As the bright morning sun shone through the windows, I sat in a classroom amidst strangers.  I only recognized a couple of kids, but they sat several desks away, too far to talk to without attracting unwanted attention.  Instead I sat with my head down, […]

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How to Support Beginning Teachers

AMS staff members sitting in a workshop

Last week, Arthur Morgan School welcomed eight new staff members into our community. Some of them are artists. Others are gardeners. Some of them have backgrounds in education. For others, AMS will be their first time teaching. We are excited for the variety of talents and experiences each of them will bring and we look […]

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How Long Do Middle School Friendships Last?

two middle school boys smiling and pointing at one another

It’s my first day of middle school and I am surrounded by strangers. I recognize an old classmate or two from elementary school, but thanks to the alphabetized seating, they are estranged to distant corners of the classroom. Nervously, I look around for a friendly face. A girl to the left of me notices my […]

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Why Chores are Good

two middle schoolers washing dishes

It’s just after dinner and there is a large pile of dishes in the sink. Your teenager beside you is quickly scarfing the last remnants of food from their plate and making sideway glances at their phone. You are exhausted from your day and want nothing more than to relax, but you have a difficult […]

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What Do You Learn From Middle School?

a middle school student feeling successful

It’s been just over a year since I graduated Arthur Morgan School and being back on campus for a few days, it feels like very little has changed. I feel fifteen again, scared and excited for whatever comes next, taking for granted my community, my safe place, the thought of being far away still very […]

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Rebel with a Cause: Supporting Students’ Need to Break Rules

At The Arthur Morgan School, we understand students will try their hands at rebellion, and because of this, we have structures to ensure these forays into defiance are safe. This is where our traditions of Sneak Outs and Raids come in.

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Teaching Scientific Literacy this Field Trip Unit

It’s crucial that adolescents feel safe in testing these “what ifs.” And it’s equally crucial for them to experience the scientific method. Ideally both in and out of the classroom. At Arthur Morgan School, this is a priority.

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Big Mouth Gives Insight on Puberty

Talking about puberty with a middle schooler is no easy task. When approached, their most common response is to hide their faces and call out, “Awkward!” Most of the time they just try to run away. It’s understandable. Experiencing major changes in their body and emotions is confusing. It’s normal for middle schoolers to feel […]

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