Climate Change is Real!

Today, we woke up too early (in my opinion, because sleep is good). We packed up a little and ate maple yogurt pancakes in a hurry. Then we drove to FCNL (Friends Committee on National Legislation) in DC, and an environmental lobbyist named Emily taught us how to lobby for climate change. After about two hours, we were ready! 

We walked to Mark Meadow’s office in the House of Representatives with Emily. We walked through the building to his office, but he wasn’t there so we met with his assistant Martha. We talked about our school, the effects of climate change and we told some personal stories. After we lobbied, we went to the parking lot and had an hour long trip meeting on whether or not to go out and eat ramen noodles for lunch (we ended up not going and it was very sad). We then went home and ate burritos for liner,(or dunch  or lunder, late lunch and early dinner. Trust me it makes sense). We did our chores, and then we pulled out the board games! We tried to to play Monopoly but the tiny children of our host, running across the board made it very hard to play.

Written by Haven Lee