Building During a Pandemic?

middle schoolers and their teacher in an outdoor classroom

Each morning a chorus of voices sings out on the courtyard slab. For the moment, the repetitive clack of the nail gun is silenced and the saws stop spinning. Everything is silent, except for the melodious (and maybe slightly off key) voices of our students and staff. When Morning Sing ends, the noises will resume.  […]

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How to Teach Social Distancing to Students

middle schoolers playing a game with a staff member while social distancing

Normally at Arthur Morgan School, we start the year with a three day hiking trip. Students break up into smaller groups and make friends while accomplishing a challenge together.  The trips offer a great opportunity for students to feel accomplished while also easing their anxieties about starting the new school year. This year, however, we […]

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Prepping School for Social Distancing

a middle schooler on the new AMS back porch

When students leave for the summer, AMS staff still have plenty of work to do. We harvest and preserve vegetables from the farm. We clean and repair our numerous academic and art spaces. And we maintain our grounds keeping them a welcoming space for Celo Community to enjoy throughout the school’s downtime. This year we […]

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Our School Reopening Plans

middle schooler doing school work outside

When our staff members came together for their end of the year retreat last June, we all had one question on our minds: could Arthur Morgan School reopen in a COVID-19 world? We felt confident we could maintaining social distancing norms and implementing new health and safety precautions . However, if students and staff were […]

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