Teaching Blacksmithing to Middle Schoolers

middle schooler using a forge

When most people think about middle schoolers, the idea of putting them in a room with burning hot metal might seem crazy. Naturally clumsy and apt to distraction, these young adolescents don’t make the primary candidates for learning blacksmithing, a craft in which safety is a must.  However teaching blacksmithing to middle schoolers can be […]

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The Craft of Building Community

middle schooler using a band saw to make a gift

Building community is always hard work.  Sometimes it’s emotional work in which people need clearnesses to mediate their disagreements. Other times it’s intellectual work as staff and students try to create classes and schedules that fit everyone’s needs. Sometimes though, it’s just fun, artistic work.  It’s the holiday season.  People everywhere are buying gifts and […]

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How to Teach Middle School Art with Studio Time

middle school girl sawing wood

As a middle school art teacher, I am often inspired by my students.  Middle schoolers are knee deep in the messy process of trying to figure out who they are, what they stand for, and what makes them unique as people.  They ask the big questions.  They begin to rebel against the constant adult monitoring […]

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Teaching Identity through Alice’s Wonderland

middle school play

It is no secret that theater provides valuable learning opportunities for middle schoolers. At a time when they learn best through physical activity and immersion, it makes sense that putting on costumes and trying out new identities activates their desire to learn. Plays also make perfect projects for middle schoolers. They get to be part […]

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How to Build Success in a Middle School Wood Shop

student showing off tool box she built in a middle school wood shop

As anyone who has ever visited a middle school wood shop can attest, young adolescents are amazing at starting projects. At Arthur Morgan School, the current contents of project shelf include a half-finished jewelry box, five pieces of miscellaneous cut wood, a large, possibly abandoned sandbox, a small wall of glued-together dowels, and something that […]

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Settlers of AMS: Experiential Education at Work

    Arthur Morgan School is committed to offering its students experiential education. As a school, we offer a number of different art and craft spaces, as well as guided time in our garden and kitchen. By spending time in these areas, students gain skills for self-sufficiency and self-expression. At the same time, students form […]

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