Attending an alternative middle school means having a stronger voice. At Arthur Morgan School, we want our students to be the strongest voices in the room.  Our teachers empower students to discover their potential for leadership and self-governance. We encourage them to trust themselves and use their voices to promote change and growth.


alternative middle school

All School Meeting

Every week our staff and students come together and make decisions about how our alternative middle school is run.  Through consensus, they learn the importance of speaking their personal truth and listening to others. By empowering them to make decisions that have long lasting impact, our students actually build our community and learn to respect each other through their differences.

They make decisions that affect both their daily lives and the future of the school for years to come.  Examples of All School Meeting topics include:

Committee Time

Much of the work our school is done in smaller committees. In these smaller groups, students feel confident to voice their opinions about the daily management of the school. By giving them ownership over a particular aspect of community, they are provided a space to collectively problem-solve. They feel a sense of responsibility to the entire student body and a validation through participation.

Student committees meet each week to craft proposals to be presented in All School Meeting. Committees include:

  • Student self-governance
  • Community outreach
  • Charitable giving
  • History
  • Edutainment



Ninth Grade Program

Our ninth graders are integral part of running AMS. They use the experiences and leadership skills developed in their years at an alternative middle school to guide the student culture through mentorship and example. The ninth graders receive a staff advisor who guides them in leadership practices, encourages them to reflect upon their personal growth, and provides mentoring for the transition to high school.

The ninth graders run many of the daily structures of our community and serve as a voice of advocacy for the student body.  Our ninth graders:

  • Clerk All School Meeting
  • Run daily announcement periods
  • Supervise chores
  • Plan and execute a class project
  • Plan a special ninth grade outing
  • Propose and receive special privileges and responsibilities

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