experiential education school

As an experiential education school we strive to provide learning that is active, relevant, and inspiring. Although we do this in many ways through our daily classes and activities, our experiential education culminates in our 18 day long field trips. On these road trips, science, art, and social studies come to life.

Experiential Education

In December, staff and students work together to identify the theme of each trip. Students spend five weeks studying their theme in the classroom through January and February. At the same time, students plan and organize logistics for a trip that will explore that theme in the “real world.” Students actively participate in decisions about where to go, lodging, activities and packing lists. Themes from past trips include:

Learning Life Skills

Students also arrange work projects and community service that relate to the educational theme of their trip. These projects allow students to connect with people and places that are affected by what they have been studying. These trips profoundly expand experiential education beyond the school community.

During field trips, students have many opportunities to develop their social and practical skills. They meet and work with new people, adapt to new environments, and take care of their belongings. Students gain skills in travel logistics, managing a budget, and vehicle maintenance that they will rely on throughout their life.

The 18 day field trips are the cornerstone of our experiential education school. Learning becomes an adventure and students’ curiosity is sparked for the rest of their life.


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