How to Build Success in a Middle School Wood Shop

student showing off tool box she built in a middle school wood shop

As anyone who has ever visited a middle school wood shop can attest, young adolescents are amazing at starting projects. At Arthur Morgan School, the current contents of project shelf include a half-finished jewelry box, five pieces of miscellaneous cut wood, a large, possibly abandoned sandbox, a small wall of glued-together dowels, and something that […]

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Teaching Victorian Literature with a Tea Party

Victorian style tea party

When you think of teaching Victorian literature, you don’t normally think of middle schoolers. Charlotte Bronte and George Elliot can be challenging to most adults, never mind students who are still developing their reading comprehension skills. The sentences are complex; the descriptions dense. Even the subject matter seems irrelevant. Why should a middle schooler care […]

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Why is Boarding School Good?

Student heading off to boarding school

This picture is the moment before my son and I left Asheville and headed for Arthur Morgan School a couple of weeks ago. It was another moment in my life where my heart broke wide open to make even more space for learning, growth, understanding, and gratitude. Asa has just begun his seventh grade year […]

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Letter from the Clerk 2017

students doing real work

As the school’s farm coordinator, I have a special fondness for late summer. It’s the time of harvest, when the hard work is done and the land is ripe with rewards. The apple trees we pruned in spring weigh heavy with fruit. The golden corn and sunflowers stand tall in the garden, and trays of […]

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What is Montessori Learning?

Even in the 1940’s Maria Montessori understood how the world was changing.  She also knew what we needed to do about it. “…We have lost the “security” of days gone by.  The times when a profession was quietly handed down from father to son are past.  The certainty of a good job which rewards diligent […]

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Climate Change is Real!

Today, we woke up too early (in my opinion, because sleep is good). We packed up a little and ate maple yogurt pancakes in a hurry. Then we drove to FCNL (Friends Committee on National Legislation) in DC, and an environmental lobbyist named Emily taught us how to lobby for climate change. After about two […]

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Another Visit By the Danish Gymnasts

Recently a large group of gymnasts from Denmark visited Burnsville. They hosted some fun workshops at East Yancey, Cane River, Mountain Heritage and Arthur Morgan School. Seventeen families from Burnsville and Celo hosted these young performers in their homes. On Friday evening the Danish Gymnasts performed for everyone at Mountain Heritage. International visits like this […]

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