Ninth Grade Porch Project

9th Grader

Cash Cole, Phoenix Cordova, Wild Freeborn, Micah Galton, Emma Kinsey, Miranda Klein, Rosalyn Sweeney, Ara Vickers, Ian Zakelj


The purpose of this project is to renovate the deck, railing and tables. Goals for this project include:

  • Replace the top boards of the railing.
  • Power wash the deck and tables.
  • Extend part of the deck.
  • Create a staircase looking out on the mountains and garden.
  • Build a side railing and ramp (slab side) for physically impaired individuals.
  • Construct a new table.


This year’s ninth graders are proposing to build an extension to the porch of Elizabeth’s Hall. We chose this project because we thought it would benefit the school by providing more seating. We use the porch every day for lunch but can’t usually fit everyone on it. We also have events like Thanksgiving and graduation. If we make room for one more table on the porch we could fit more people outside, and eat as an entire community. We also liked the idea to build stairs going out to the garden to serve as a hangout area. We would like to put a handicap ramp on the stairs so that the porch can be handicap accessible. We will rebuild the railing, as it is falling apart. We think this will be a fairly easy project and will benefit the school. We may have to redo the section adjacent to the extension and that is where most of the problems may occur.


The new add-on to the porch will be six feet wide and eight feet long, extending out from the portion of the porch that is currently there. The stairs will be L-shaped, and six feet wide and six feet long, extending from the addition. Other improvements to the porch include adding a side railing to the slab side of the deck to make our porch more accessible to handicapped individuals, power washing the tables and deck, and adding a coat of water resistance to the tables and deck.


The projected materials list for this project includes:

  • 30  14′ 2×6
  • 4  8′ 4×4
  • 9  8′ 2×6
  • 8  12′ 2×6
  • 4  10′ 2×6
  • 3  12′ 2×10
  • 6  12′ 2×8
  • 2  8′ 2×12
  • 6  12′ 2×4
  • 2  10′ 4×4
  • 14  2×2 pickets
  • 825 square feet of sealant
  • 4 bags cement

Expenses and Fundraising

The cost of this year’s ninth grade project is entirely from the materials. All of the labor involved in our project will be done by the students. The projected cost is $1,225 including:

-Lumber:       $950
-Power Washer: $1,150
-Sealant:          $75
-Additional Costs:       $100

Total $1,225

We will raise money for this project through the following events:

-Lucky Candle:       $300
-Burnsville Metric:    $100
-Quizzo and Pizza Night:    $200
-Parent donations (letter writing):    $200
-Auction:      $500
-B&G:    $300
-Movie night:       $100

Total $1,700

Our potential fundraising abilities are $1,700. This is a conservative estimate. Any extra money will go to the ninth grade outing and next year’s ninth grade class.

Fundraising Schedule

October 10th-  Movie night

December 4th-  Quizzo
November 21st-  Auction
Spring semester-  Burnsville Metric
January 17th-  Lucky candle

We will also starting the letter writing campaign as soon as possible.

Time Line and Work Schedule

Before Thanksgiving:

Step 1: Build and dig hole for supports

Step 2: Install support

Step 3: Build framework

Step 4: Remove section railing and decking

Step 5: Replace decking

Step 6: Construct temporary railing for Thanksgiving, we will use the picnic table that’s in the courtyard.

Before Christmas:

1.  Take out the rest of the railing

2.  Put in new railing

Before Field trips

1.  Build stairs on the new installation

Before End of the Year

1.  Build picnic table

We will be working on the project during work projects (every Wednesday), some Saturdays and during the December Core Class unit. The ninth grade class will also be meeting weekly to stay organised and well informed.

Wednesday Work Crew Groups        

10/1 Rosalyn, Miranda, Phoenix          

10/8 Phoenix, Emma, Ara      

10/22 Ara, Rosalyn, Cash        

10/29 Cash, Ian, Wild        

11/5 Wild, Ian, Miranda        

11/12 Miranda, Micah, Emma         

11/17 Emma, Cash, Wild      

11/18 Wild, Ara, Phoenix        

11/19 Phoenix, Emma, Micah        

11/20 Micah, Miranda, Rosalyn            

11/21Rosalyn, Ian, Cash

Potential Problems and Solutions

Sweep and mop may not have access to mop sink. To remedy that, we can get mop water from indoor sinks.

Doing laundry and going to the freezer may be harder.

Danger without having a railing. We can warn people about that by putting up safety tape.

If not finished by the Thanksgiving celebration, we will have to move tables to the slab to keep people away from the part of the porch without a railing.

The new section will not match the old porch. This can be solved this with power washing and sealant.

For more information and to see how you can help contact Nick Maldonado at 828-675-4262 or

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