Introducing Our New Logo!

AMS logo

Change can sometimes be a scary thing. Even if we acknowledge the change to be positive, we still worry about losing things that are precious to us. Throughout my time at Arthur Morgan School, I have experienced many staff and all school meetings about change. In my first year, we had a long meeting about whether or not to bring back a head of school. In my second year, Morning Sing was almost replaced by yoga.  I have seen our academic program evolve into something amazing and I have seen boarding houses become temporary rental properties.

Each of these decisions evoked strong emotions with discussions about what was best for the community versus the importance of tradition. However, no matter what changes occur, one thing always stays the same: AMS has and always will be a place where middle schoolers can be themselves and explore their creativity knowing that people around them care and support them.

Celebrating What Makes Us Great!

new middle schoolers staring out at rows of mountains Recently, I made the request to change our logo. At first, I got a lot of pushback.  There is a lot of love and memory tied into that little black and white oval.  I too am fond of it and value that we are a school steeped in tradition. Our new logo takes the trees and mountains of the old logo and combines it with a representation of our farm.  In that way, we highlight one of the biggest parts of living at AMS: the work that goes into community. We are excited to use this logo while acknowledging the old logo held a special place in many alumni’s and current students’ hearts.  We hope that the new logo will come to hold that place as well.

At AMS, we strive to be a bastion for an older, slower, simpler way of life. As the world around us is shifting to incorporate more and more screen-based technology and electronic connectivity, AMS continues to use landlines, announcement periods, and shared meals to bring our community together. Yet, as the world grows and evolves, so must AMS (in some ways), if we are to continue touching the lives of young people.  I don’t think it’s a secret to say the school is having a moment.  In our second year in a row with less than 20 students, we need to think differently about how to tell people that we exist and why they should send their middle schoolers here.

Changing Times and Needs

middle schooler in a corn fieldWe already made some changes. Last year we updated our website, and our social media presence has increased ten fold. It feels like a big change from the days when Ernest Morgan fundraised and recruited door to door, but the intent is the same: make AMS thrive. Using technology to promote a school that focuses on human connection might seem counterintuitive, but it has been a valuable tool to reach people who wouldn’t hear about us otherwise. More people are calling and wanting to know about us than ever before.  That’s the exciting news.

However, it doesn’t completely solve the problem. Even though more people know about AMS, not all of them are enrolling. When our applicants were all word of mouth, we didn’t have to worry about selling ourselves. Almost every person who walked onto campus was already attached to the community in some way. Now it’s a bit different. More people are finding out about us and comparing us to other schools. They look at our promotional materials with critical eyes. They evaluate our campus and compare what we offer to other private schools. These parents aren’t being overly picky. They just want what’s best for their middle schooler and haven’t yet experienced the magic that AMS offers.

A modernized look will demonstrate to inquiring families that AMS is still relevant. The ideas of community, hard work, and learning through experience are concepts and ideals that people still desire. They encourage integrity, creativity and compassion. Giving the school the occasional makeover ensures that applicants know we are working hard to provide the best experience for their children. Along with the new website, promotional materials, and a new academic building on the way, AMS will continue to inspire middle schoolers for years to come.

-by Nicholas Maldonado