A Middle School Model that Works

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Even though Arthur Morgan School ends with ninth grade, the impact of those precious preceding years at AMS stays with alumni and their families for years to come. Many of our students make life-long friendships with their AMS peers.  They remember the lessons they took while in the garden or wood shop. Mostly they remember that they had a safe place to be themselves and figure out who they wanted to be.

A Heartfelt Thanks

Recently, an alumna’s parent donated to our scholarship fund and shared a note telling about how AMS continues to impact their family. They wished their donation to remain anonymous, but allowed us to share their thoughts. In reading their words, we recognized the story as one we have heard over and over from our alumni.

I will always be indebted [to] and have a special place in my heart for the Arthur Morgan School. It had a transformative impact on my daughter. As a result of being at Arthur Morgan for 7th and 8th grades, she grew from having barely a friend (in whose life she was not equally significant) to having many lasting friendships. I attribute this, among other things, to the functional “family” environment that Arthur Morgan provides that my former husband and I were then unable to provide. She, although she had consistently been an “honor roll” student in classes for academically talented students, grew to be a more achieving student, reader and writer after her 7th and 8th grade experience. I attribute this, in part, to her 7th grade English teacher’s emphasis on journal keeping, the nurturance of intellectual curiosity and provision of an extremely safe environment for open and honest communication

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[My daughter] was given feedback in 7th and 8th grade that she would be a good lawyer. Since then, she’s had her career vision. She is now completing her second year at Temple University Law School with a level of confidence and desire to challenge herself physically that was nurtured at Arthur 

Morgan School. She is a strong, determined 29 year old woman. [She] is more self-actualized (for sure) because of her experience at Arthur Morgan School.

There is so much more than I’ve been able to communicate in this note that is the contribution of Arthur Morgan School to the quality of [her] life and mine. Incidentally, [she] received financial aid both years […].

I am glad to contribute to the offering of the same transformative opportunity to another future or current Arthur Morgan School [student].

Making AMS Possible

Hearing these stories inspire us to continue helping middle schoolers figure out their place in the world.  We enjoy building a community that offers young adolescents a safe place to explore their interests and recognize the impact they can have on their world.  We want to say thank you for all the people who continue to make that happen through their donations.  With your help, many more middle schoolers can join the AMS experience.

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-by Heather Dawes