What Type of School is Right for my Child?

middle school students studying

“What school is right for my child?” It is a common question. I’ve watched friends grapple with this question for years, but never believed it would be a question my husband and I would be asking. We started our version of this discussion when our son was about to enter eighth grade and we realized […]

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How to Teach Students Decision Making

Students making decisions

Lots of educators get excited about the concept of a student-run school. They picture an academic utopia in which students demonstrate both passion and responsibility for their education. The students would plan activities and classes. They would discuss school policies in small committee meetings and set up norms and rules that would be advantageous to […]

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Hosting the 2015 Arete Seminar

This summer Arthur Morgan School will be hosting the 2015 Arete Seminar! The seminar is scheduled to run from June 21st through August 15th. The mission of the Arete Project is to imagine, found, and foster innovative educational programs designed to prepare young people for lives of thoughtful leadership and service to humanity. [blockquote align=”center”]Our […]

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