Scott Ashcraft
B.S. in Geography with a minor in Anthropology, Western Carolina University

Scott is an AMS alumnus from 1981, and his son, Isaac, is a 2013 alumnus. Scott is the Archaeologist & Cultural Resource Program Manager for the National Forest Service. He works from the Pisgah National Forest, but is often traveling to other National Forest locations.


Paige Davis
Paige has lived in these mountains since she was 19, beginning at Penland School of Crafts, treating it like college. She has owned her metalsmithing business here for many years, and raised two sons who had the privilege of going to AMS for their middle school years.We love this part of the world.


Ric Cedergren
B.S. in Industrial Supervision, Northern Illinois University
M.Ed in Education, DePaul University

Ric is the parent of two AMS alumni and has taught since 1993 in public schools. He, his wife Susan and son Leif live in the South Toe area very near AMS. Ric is also a soccer coach for the public schools and Leif is an amazing player. While their daughters were at AMS, Susan, a certified nurse, updated many of the medical protocols for the school.


Mary Dart
B.A. in Math, Oberlin College
M.A., Ph.D. in Folklore & Ethnomusicology, Indiana University

Mary is recently retired from her position at George School in Pennsylvania. Prior to working at George School Mary was a full-time teacher at Arthur Morgan School for 10 years. Her daughter attended the school as a student.  Looking back Mary sees those years an important time in her life and her daughter’s. “At AMS I felt like I was doing good in the world without using too many of the world’s resources. I am happy to be associated with the school once again.”


Yancey Jones-McRary

Yancey is an AMS alumnus from 2003. Introduced to arts and crafts at AMS, Yancey has worked with craftsmen in the community since high school making custom architectural millwork and working on projects for conceptual visual artist Mel Chin. He is currently building a sustainable apiary, gardening and landscaping. “AMS made a positive impact on my life. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve on the board.”


Lynda Kinnane
B.S., M.P.H., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Lynda is a retired public health professional that worked for the Toe River Health District for many years as a nutritionist, health educator and health director. She works hard at creating communities where being healthy is easy. She also gardens, runs, reads , hikes, cooks and has a small crossword puzzle addiction. Her son, Andrew Kaluzynski, attended AMS and counts it as one of the best decisions he ever made.


Catherine Peck
B.A., Education, UNC-Chapel Hill
M.A., English, UNC-Chapel Hill
M.A., Folklore, UNC-Chapel Hill

Catherine was on the AMS staff from 1983-85. Upon leaving AMS, her career was primarily in non-profit adminstration and education. She was on the AMS Board from 2006-2009 and is pleased to be on the board again, especially since she retired and living in the South Toe Valley again.


Jessica Ruegg
B.A. in English and Philosophy, Haverford College
M.S., Professional School Counseling, Appalachian State University

Jessica is a former AMS staff member from 1999-2003 and parent to two AMS alumni, Isaac and Micah Galton. Since 2004 she has worked as a teacher and counselor in local public schools. Living in Celo Community Jess is not far away and helps conduct clearnesses at AMS when needed.


David Ryan
Haverford College
New York University

Dave is an AMS alumnus of 1976. He and his wife Lisa have three children that they home-schooled and combined with extensive travel in the US, Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Viet Nam, North Africa, the Mediterranean, Turkey, etc. He is retired from Ryan Inc. Central, a family-owned earth moving and site preparation contractor.

“I joined the board because of all the educational institutions I’ve attended, from kindergarten to graduate school, AMS is the most memorable, and the one with the strongest pull on my heart. I’m hoping to help in any way I can.”


Bill Schultz
B.A. English, University of New Hampshire
J.D., Lewis and Clark Law School

Bill served as an attorney, administrative law judge and mediator in Portland, Oregon before coming to North Carolina in the early 2000’s and serving as a teacher and houseparent at Arthur Morgan School. While here in Yancey County Bill has also served as a Guardian Ad Litem for youth in the court system and as a board member for MY Neighbors, an all volunteer elder care network.


Elliot Smith
B.A. Creative Writing, Warren Wilson College

Elliot is an AMS alumnus from 2005 and served as an intern in 2008. He has been involved in outdoor leadership programs, restorative agriculture/farm management, as well as project manager in web development, online marketing and community development..


Lisa Swaim
B.A., Forensic Anthropology and German, Indiana University Bloomington

Lisa Swaim is a former staff member of AMS from 1986. She home-schooled her three children using many of the educational concepts she learned while working at AMS. More recently, she’s worked in healthcare as a lactation consultant, a pediatric intensive care nurse and in geriatrics. Currently Lisa is a Nurse Care Coordinator. She and her partner, Joe, enjoy hiking and their four dogs and have begun breeding Australian Labradoodles.


Arthur Morgan School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation or preference, gender identity or expression, marital status, economic status, or disability.