18-day Service Learning Trips FOLLOW OUR TRIPS

During February and March, the AMS program goes on the road, breaking into three different field trip groups. Each field trip has an educational theme, and students learn about the theme as their in-depth study class in the academic unit leading up to departure. Themes from past trips include: Coastal Ecology, Hunger and Homelessness, Environmental Impact of Energy Sources, Civil Rights and Blues Music, Hurricane Katrina Relief, Justice and the Prison System, and Immigration and Border Issues.

In addition, our 18-day field trips are service oriented. Students and staff arrange work projects and community service activities that relate to the educational theme of their trip. These service projects allow students to connect with people and places that are affected by what they have been studying. The opportunity to meet people with diverse life experiences and make a positive impact on their lives is one of the most important educational experiences that AMS provides.

Students actively participate in decisions about where to go and what to do on 18-day trips. They make contacts with organizations and families that the group wants to visit, and help to plan overnight lodging, schedules, and meals.

During field trips, students significantly expand their social and practical skills. They learn to meet and work with new people, to adapt to new settings and step out of one’s comfort zone, the motivation to make a meaningful difference through community service, respect and patience with others, on-the-road planning skills and vehicle maintenance, and how to contribute positively to group dynamics.

During Spring Break, students receive written evaluations from field trip leaders about their performance and contributions, acknowledging the importance of these trips in the educational life of students at AMS.