one middle schooler pushing another in a wheelbarrow


Maria Montessori believed strongly that children learn both in and out of the classroom. Students need to connect to the outside world. They need to engage with the wider community and experience their education first hand. She called it going out!

To help other Montessori schools fulfill this vision for their students, Arthur Morgan School offers its Going Out Montessori program. In March and May (while AMS students are away on trips), upper elementary and middle school Montessori classrooms are invited to Arthur Morgan School to participate in a five day long program of living and learning at the farm.

What We Offer

Going Out students will spend part of their day learning how to do the practical work of the farm, including caring for animals and gardening. Academically, they will ask and answer questions ranging from how seeds grow to how societies have been shaped by agriculture.

The rest of their time will be spent using AMS’s campus and surrounding wilderness to inspire their creativity and sense of wonder.

middle schoolers moving hay

Sample Going Out Program Schedule (some events may change):

by 6:00 pm:   arrive and settle in to boarding house or camping shelters
6:00 pm:         welcome dinner and clean-up
8:00 pm:         welcome bonfire
9:00 pm:         bedtime

8:00 am:        breakfast on your own
9:00 am:        morning sing using “Rise Up Singing” songbooks
9:30 am:         work on the farm with either livestock or vegetable gardening
10:30 am:       snack
11:00 am:        integrated and hands-on earth science and social studies course
12:30 pm:        lunch and clean-up
2:00 pm:        guided hike, swim or other outdoor activity with plant and animal identification
4:00 pm:        snack
4:30 pm:         art class in our fiber arts, ceramics, blacksmithing, wood shop and craft studios
6:00 pm*:      dinner and clean-up 
7:30 pm*:       quiet time on own (we provide movies and board games)  
9:00 pm*:      bed time
Thursday night is a camp out nearby

8:00 am:         breakfast on your own
9:00 am:         morning sing with Arthur Morgan School students
9:30 am:          pack-up
10:30 am:        snack
11:00 am:         Arthur Morgan School students present about their outdoor trip experiences
12:30 pm:        head home with sack lunches

middle schoolers and teacher on guided hike


Arthur Morgan School will provide staff to supervise and organize the various activities throughout the day.  Our garden coordinator will supervise the labor portion of the day while teachers will lead the classroom and art activities.  Outdoor specialists will take them on hikes in the area.

In evenings and mornings, groups will be responsible for themselves. Chaperones will be responsible for cooking breakfast, supervising cleanup, evening entertainment, and putting students to sleep.  The adult to student ratio for these groups is up to each group’s preference.

Lodging and Accommodations

Going Out groups will stay in one of AMS’s multipurpose rooms or its outdoor Appalachian shelters. Participants should bring sleeping mats and sleeping bags.

For more information, please email