Work Program

Working together is a learning experience, and at AMS it is not only an education, it is a necessity to the life of the school. We do not hire janitors, facilities managers, or landscapers, but rather all staff and students work collectively to clean and maintain the AMS campus. Involvement in this work creates a sense of ownership and responsibility for staff and students alike.

Students and staff participate in work projects one morning per week throughout the year. Projects include wood cutting and hauling, road and roof repair, landscaping, vehicle maintenance, setting up for special events, deep cleaning our classrooms and workspaces, garden and livestock care, and general maintenance.

Students develop their physical and problem-solving abilities, spend time outdoors, and have the opportunity to participate in meaningful work needed by their community. They see the impact of their efforts and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

In addition to weekly work projects, daily chores are done by all students on a rotating basis, covering such areas as meal preparation, cleanup of the kitchen and dining room after lunch, cleaning bathrooms, classrooms, and art spaces, collecting eggs from our chickens, and taking out trash and compost.
Chores and work projects provide valuable opportunities for students to experience an adult level of responsibility. They aid students in building resumes for their first jobs by supplying experience in practical skills such as carpentry, gardening, and meal planning and preparation, and fostering good work habits, self-confidence, and a sense of group responsibility.